Delicious “Mini” Soup Appetizer Ideas

This  is the time of year that I LOVE to indulge in soup.  During the holiday season, many of you are hosting dinners for family and friends and warm soup is a delicious start to any party that you may be hosting, especially when it’s cold outside.

I wanted to share with you some of my favorite mini soup appetizers.  Enjoy!


Roasted Butternut Squash Shooters


Creamy Cauliflower and Apple Soup Shooters ~ Click photo for recipe

Asparagus soup shooters with mini grilled cheese ~ Click photo for recipe


Asiago Broccoli Cheese Soup ~ Click photo for recipe


Black Truffle Popcorn Soup, YES popcorn! ~ Click photo for recipe


Mini Chili bowls. I couldn’t leave chili out since it’s a popular dish during the fall/winter seasons ~ Click photo for recipe


Last but not least, delicious Mini Crescent Chicken Pot Pies (comfort food) ~ Click photo for recipe

I found that all of these recipes are simple and easy to prepare for your next dinner soirée. Until next time…


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