Cinco de Mayo Party Ideas

Today marks the 154th anniversary of Cinco de Mayo, a bicultural celebration that has become synonymous with margaritas and cervezas (beer).  So what better way to celebrate Cinco de Mayo than with margaritas and delicious food.  Enjoy these delicious ideas for your Cinco de Mayo partay!


Strawberry Margarita Jello Shots. Click HERE for recipe.



Delicious gift idea for your Cinco de Mayo party guests

From chips and salsa to Mexican street corn and churros…you can’t have a Cinco de Mayo without food.

Have Your Very Own Cinco De Mayo Party!:

Cinco De Mayo party snack, 7 layer dip. Perfect single serving side dish for a buffet, pair with a small bag of chips - we're going to try this recipe and multiply it x4 for Cinco de Mayo this year:

There are many restaurants in Chicago celebrating Cinco de Mayo but if you prefer to stay at home, there are many simple and easy ideas to put together your own fiesta.  For more party ideas, visit Pinterest.  Until next time….


Photo source: Pinterest

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