5 Reasons to Hire a Publicist

publicistA publicist is hired to manage and promote a client’s image. When it comes to any client whether it be a celebrity or event designer, the job mostly involves personal brand management, which often includes creating hype about upcoming concerts or working to get ad sponsorships or other promotions.  A publicists job involves creating press releases, pitching news stories about key achievements, and working with marketing staff to design advertisements and commercials.

A publicists’ job is very tedious and it takes time to market their clients brand successfully.  Would you like your story to be heard?  Here are five reasons why you should hire a publicist:

  1. A publicist is your spokesperson, connector, person who helps YOU get your message to the masses in a way that will affect your bottom line.
  2. A publicist will open the door of opportunity & get YOU noticed by media professionals who you find difficult to get on your own.
  3. Publicists are responsible for helping YOU craft & tell your story to the public in a way that is compelling, relatable & unique & make sure the details are never missed, & that your brand is packaged & presented in a way that helps you & your product tell their BEST story.
  4. Publicists are there to secure media coverage & opportunities for exposure with the right outlets at the right TIME.
  5. A great publicist will be there to offer their professional advice on everything that relates to your brand, from your appearance, to how you communicate, to when you should release new product, what events to attend, what content should be featured on your website & so much more.

With that said, keep calm & hire a Publicist. Allow us to tell YOUR story… www.gprmarketing.comUntil next time


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