You’re in Business to be Successful, NOT to be loved.

SuccessAs your business grows, matter of fact as YOU grow, you learn fast not everyone will embrace you or your success.  You may lose one or two friends/colleagues during your process of growth but the upside is you will gain five new ones who will encourage and genuinely support your business and success.  Obviously, the ones who have distanced themselves from you were not meant to be there.  My advice is simple — stay focused, keep it moving and don’t ever allow anything or anyone deter you from what you have worked so hard to accomplish.

Of course, I have personally gained and lost friends and/or colleagues during this journey.  I can always tell when an individual I know stops supporting or has an issue with me because they will stop liking a status when they used to always like them, is very curt when I see them at an event, “defriends” me on Facebook or “unfollows” me on Twitter and Instagram.

Honestly, it used to bother me because I knew I didn’t do anything to these individuals personally and I do not have anything against anyone.  I have learned to accept that not everyone is going to like me and that whatever issue they have with me is their problem and not mine.

Nowadays, I just keep it moving and someone not liking me doesn’t bother me anymore because I am in business to make it happen for my clients, not please everyone and truth be told I am the success behind my business, period.

Bottom line is this:  YOU are in business to be successful, not to be loved.  Coco Chanel says it BEST, “I don’t care what you think of me, I don’t think about you at all.”  Until next time…


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