#TheGlitzReport Recap | Publisher’s Perspective: Have YOU Googled Yourself Lately?

GoogleHave you Googled yourself lately? You’d be surprise what you’d find about yourself. Whether its a news story or even images, there may be something about you that you didn’t know was out in social media land about you. And unfortunately, Google Alert may not ALWAYS alert you.

I recommend you Google yourself at least once a month. I was inspired to write about this when I saw a friend post on Facebook that she “Googled” herself and found a picture that was posted in an article without her permission. I understand the frustration of that but the reality is (especially in this day and time) if you post anything on any social media site, it becomes the property of the world.

I learned the hard way that when you post a picture, folks will screenshot it and post it on a blog. Situations like this are completely out of ones control, the damage is done and I admit I was naive about these vultures. So the only thing left to do is move on and learn from it. These days I’m very careful and strategic about what I post (my opinion, comments and pictures) and where. The bottom line for me is if it’s personal and I don’t want anyone to see the pictures or my opinion about something, real simple, I don’t post it.

I haven’t Googled myself in awhile but when I did recently, I was surprised to find a comment I made on Twitter in a Crain’s Chicago Business article. I had no idea my comment was there and no one reached out to get my permission to put it in an article. Again, this was out of my control and this confirms when you put something out on any PUBLIC social media site, you are at risk for it getting in the hands of someone else.

You never know where your comment(s), post(s) or picture(s) may end up and with social media so popular and mainstream, we all have to be mindful what we put out there. If you don’t want it out there, don’t put it out there because you never know where it may end up.  Until next time


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