What the Event Pros are saying about “The Glitz Report”

BannerOriginally when I came up with the idea to create The Glitz Report (a weekly newsletter connecting business professionals globally), my intention was to connect the wedding industry only.  Well things have changed since its inception and here’s why.  I love networking and many of you who follow my tweets or read this blog and/or newsletter know that I love to network.  Since the start of my business 5 years ago this month, I have been networking.  That is the only way to grow your business and that’s why instead of just focusing on one industry, I decided to highlight all businesses in some form or fashion, globally.

Feedback regarding The Glitz Report is essential to me and when I receive emails from industry and business professionals, it reminds me why I send The Glitz Report every week.  From the beginning, I have been receiving excellent feedback from readers.  I would like to share what some are saying (in no particular order):

Love this!  SO proud and love to see you doing your thing.” ~Levetta {Music Producer at The Queen Latifah Show/LA}

Congratulations on your first News Letter!  You rock BABY!!!!!!!!!!  Much luck and success to you.  I look forward to the stories and insight you offer.” ~Kenneth {The Entertaining Company/Chicago}

Nice newsletter Candace! Yes, this is a tough business and seems to get more difficult every year…maybe it’s my age too! Nonetheless, keep positive, I love how you have evolved….personally and professionally.” ~Susan {Left Bank Jewelry/Chicago}

“Fantastic newsletter! I loved your Tweet about not working for free!!!  You really lifted me up today with your awesome shout out on Twitter!  I really can’t thank you enough!!!   It was very thoughtful!!!  Best wishes for an amazing 2013!!  Your such an awesome person!!  Hugs to you!!!” ~Donna {Chicago Wedding Candy Buffet}


1175696_10201154523597764_1890377890_nToday, I submit the article weekly (every Monday, 11am central time) but soon I do intend to change that to twice a week.  Some of the articles posted in the newsletter I will feature in this blog, but not all of them.  However, if you do not want to miss a single issue, then I suggest you sign up to receive the The Glitz Report.

Some of the highlights that will be featured in The Glitz Report are:

  • Publisher’s Perspective {Each week I will be sharing my personal thoughts and experiences on things I have experienced since being an entrepreneur or highlighting a successful entrepreneur}
  • Inspiration Pick of the Week {Each week I will feature something that inspires me. That can range from a event design, shoes or even a signature cocktail}
  • Articles by contributing correspondents
  • Celebrity Traffic {Each week I will post pictures from events that have taken place in Chicago or anywhere in the world}
  • Banner Ads {Businesses have the opportunity to showcase their business in front of our 10,000+ readers}
  • Event Promos {Businesses will have the opportunity to showcase their upcoming event in front of our 10,000+ readers}

The Glitz Report is NOT spam but newsworthy related articles from and regarding the following industries:

Wedding | Event | Fashion | Health | Real Estate | Media | Corporate | Restaurant | Social Media | Technology | + more

I admit I stopped writing The Glitz Report because of my frustration with the industry but I ALWAYS reflect, look back and remember why I started my business in the first place, which is why I started back writing last month.  This time, however, I do not plan to stop distributing The Glitz Report because I view this newsletter as a media outlet highlighting all businesses globally (especially small business owners because we have a voice that needs to be heard).  So whether you are in the wedding, fashion, photography, dental, law, or real estate industry, I want to give all business owners an opportunity to speak, share their story, or share ideas through this newsletter.  Until next time…


NOTE:  If you are a business professional and would like more information about The Glitz Report, click HERE.

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