Vendor Spotlight: Meet Tarji-Michelle


Tarji-Michelle {Celeb Photographer / Mom / Friend / CEO of Sugar Shack Productions & Tarji-Michelle Photography}

From weddings to maternity photo shoots to birthday parties and even some VERY High Profile Celebrity events, Tarji has been in love with photography her entire life– both sides of the camera. She has over 15 years of combined professional experience in fashion, commercial photography, photojournalism and graphic design. Her style incorporates all three to create a distinguished storybook.


A Glimpse of the fabulous work by Tarji. To contact Tarji, visit or CLICK!

Music is the greatest artistic influence for Tarji. When she’s capturing an image, there’s a certain “soulful melody” that twinkles in her eye. Tarji’s work originates from deep within, photography is her gift, her blessing, her birthright, passed down to her from her beloved Gramps.

Tarji says that photography is her “love supreme.” She once read that Alice Coltrane described John’s completion of “A Love Supreme” as Moses descending with the Ten Commandments. Her work is a relentless pursuit of that perfection.

I am immensely blessed. Everyday of my life I get to do the thing I love the most– photography. I’m honored to document life’s beautiful nuances, meet wonderful friends and share my unique gift with others.” ~Tarji

Tarji has photographed quite a few events for me, including Derrick Rose and Mieka Blackman-Reese’s baby shower last year.  She is my go to photographer because she is consistent, reliable, my clients love her and most importantly I can call her friend.  Until next time…


Source:  The Glitz Report

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