After the Celebrity Event, NOW What?

Red-carpetI’ve had the honor and pleasure to plan a few celebrity events here in Chicago and most recently was approached to plan a Chicago Blackhawks celebration  party.  It’s great to be surrounded by individuals who people around the world admire and of course to be able to put another event on my resume but the bigger question to ask is since the events have happened, NOW what?

I’ve observed MANY individuals who have been a part of one or maybe two REAL “celebrity” events or weddings and now they put the word “Celebrity” before their industry title.  And then there are those who I know have been a part of MANY “celebrity” events and you wouldn’t even know it because they do not boast and brag about it.  So now I wonder since these professionals have placed the word “celebrity” in front of their industry title, now what?  Will that get you more events? Are you a celebrity now? Will it get you into the hottest parties?  OR was it too soon to give yourself that title?  Hmm…

Legitimate “celebrity” planners, photographers, hair stylists, makeup artists, etc., are consistent (10+ celebrity events on the books) and have the right to place “celebrity” in front of their industry title, at least in my opinion.  {NOTE: I use the word legitimate celebrity because I don’t believe so-called “local celebrities” or reality TV stars warrant the use of the word celebrity before your industry title… Do you?}

What I realized for “ME” is that if I ever want to really grow my business to that level, I would have to leave Chicago. My epiphany was that it’s not going to happen in Chicago.  Will I ever leave Chicago and/or make LA or NYC a second home or home?  That’s still up in the air but I am open to change.

The point I’m making today is that people use the term “celebrity” loosely and honestly using that particular word is not going to get you far if you are NOT in those cities where most celebrities live or don’t have the leverage to maintain the status. I don’t care whose event you planned, who you think you know, took pictures for or with, and even though we all have access to the same vendors bottom line is who do you think celebrities will call first?  The person with one event under their belt or the one that has been seen on TV nationally and has made a name for themselves.  I’m not saying it’s anything wrong with being local if that’s all you are trying to accomplish. To each his/her own.

So again I ask, NOW what?  My advice is NETWORK with those in that particular circle!  Until next time


Source:  The Glitz Report

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