What Being an Entrepreneur Means to ME

EntrepreneurCollageEN · TRE · PRE · NEUR
  1. A person who organizes and operates a business or businesses, taking on financial risk(s) to do so.

Contrary to what some believe, an entrepreneur is not someone who does not have a “full-time” job, at least from my vantage point and I’m sure MANY other entrepreneurs feel the same as I do.  Lately, I have been seeing people post on various social media sites that their definition of an entrepreneur is someone that does not have a job.  That could be further from the TRUTH.

I started my business while I was working a full time job 5 years ago.  I never really considered myself a “REAL” entrepreneur because I was still working at someone else’s dream that became a reality.  It was not until I quit my job that I really understood the true meaning of an entrepreneur.

Quitting my job was by choice not by force.  How can you really call yourself an entrepreneur if you get up every morning going to someone else’s dream that came true?  Since I’ve been working my business full-time, there is not one morning, afternoon or evening that I am not working my business.  Having your own business is not an overnight success story.  It takes a LOT of hard work and sweat and those who have “made it,” it took years for them to get there.  True, it may be easier for some than others because they have the financial backing from family, husband, etc., but for ordinary former 9 to 5 individuals like ME — I have to bust (excuse my french) my ass (kiss ass, spend my own money, make friends/lose friends along the way, the list goes on…) every day and in laymen terms… HUSTLE HARD to make it happen!

So for those that believe an entrepreneur is just someone that does not have a “real” job (whatever that may be), remember that the so-called “real” full-time 9 to 5 (what you think is secure) job you go to everyday is someone’s business that they started, started from the bottom now they’re here, which means they are indeed an Entrepreneur.  Until next time


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