Instagram: Business vs. Pleasure

PhotoGrid_1375804438816Yesterday I saw a debate about this issue on Twitter from Women in PR™ which motivated me to write about this topic today.  I made the decision to lock my Instagram ( page because I decided to make that my “personal” page showcasing pictures of my family, children and friends; however I will still include pictures of networking events I have attended and post pictures of events and clients businesses related to GlitzPR & Marketing.  Honestly, I am not seeking thousands of followers for this particular page because I want to keep it personal to some extent.

What I realized is when you use #Hashtags, the only people that will be able to see what you have posted on your “locked” Instagram page are the people who are following you. So last week I created a business page on Instagram ( for GlitzPR & Marketing.  That page is not locked.

If I brand my business as a public relations and event development company, it would absolutely make no sense to have the page locked.  It’s the same when you have a Twitter page and you have that page locked.  It’s sort of oxymoron… right?

Instagram has over 130 million daily active users, 16 billion photos and over 1 billion likes per day.  So my advice to all business owners is this: if you are promoting your business in any way do NOT lock your page. If you want to keep things personal, then make two Instagram accounts.  Until next time


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