Networking vs. Socializing | There is a difference…

BusinessvsSocialMy definition of “networking” is when I attend “public” events that may or may not be private (due to a business stating it is a private event) and use that TIME to meet, greet and mingle with business and/or client potentials, exchange business cards and follow up after the meet for future business opportunities.  Because these events are usually invited only events, I don’t always share these events on social media before the events.

I define “socializing” as getting together with friends and/or acquaintances for a get together, birthday party, a barbecue — listening to music, dancing, eating, drinking cocktails, talking mess and just letting loose.  Of course networking is involved because I do end up exchanging business cards, but I mostly use that TIME to be more relaxed than in business situations.

I normally get invited to these “social” events by a third party or the host themselves and do not disclose that I am attending these events or post on social media that I’m at such events because (1) it is NOT my place to invite others to someone else’s home, etc.; (2) that is my ME time and (3) I’m under no obligation to do so.

I am VERY grateful for every opportunity that has come my way and “networking” has really placed ME in very great positions for my future in event planning, marketing and public relations.

Most of the events I attend are public (events) and free to attend.  YOU just have to be more social media savvy to catch the event before it happens on social media outlets, on the PR firm representing the company (or the business itself) email list OR network, follow up and be invited to events by the individuals who always attend events. The key to any opportunity is NETWORKING, it’s up to YOU to do it.  It’s that simple.  Until next time


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