GlitzPR on the Move…


GlitzPR’s Candace Polk celebrating her birthday at an Appreciation “Networking” Soirée in February held at Ivy Boutique Hotel in Chicago. (photo credit: Rick Aguilar Studios)

Since the inception of 2013, I have been “networking” my butt off.  Almost every evening I am attending an event and thanks to my “crew” they have been keeping me posted on all the happening events.

Today I just wanted to share photos from just some of the various events I have attended so far this year.  Click on photo for details of event attended.

I ALWAYS stress that networking is important.  Nothing is going to be handed to you and if YOU want to make yourself or business known, you cannot sit at home watching television or twiddling your thumbs.  YOU must get out there and make it happen.

I post pictures of events I attend daily on the GlitzPR & Marketing Facebook page and my Instagram page. You can click HERE to “Like” the GlitzPR Facebook page to stay connected, for updates, pics, inspiration + more and HERE to follow ME on Instagram.  Until next time


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