The #Hashtag Phenomena

hashtagsThe new phenomena in the social media world is hashtags.  Many times you may see hashtags used on Facebook but not understand the reason for it.  Facebook has not jumped on the hashtag wagon, but many Twitter and Instagram users have their accounts set up to post on Facebook after posting a tweet on Twitter or photo on Instagram; hence the reason for seeing hashtags on Facebook.

Why Use Hashtags?

  • A hashtag (#) is really just a way of categorizing your tweets or Instagram post(s) so that they are part of a condensed conversation and are easier to find in Twitter or Instagram searches.
  • The idea behind hashtags is to get people using the same hashtag when talking about a specific topic and to form a discussion (i.e., #entrepreneurs #eventplanning #networking)
  • Hashtags will get you more retweets or likes on Instagram.
  • Hashtags will get you more followers.  If you are seeking a specific target audience, hashtag use will help you to accumulate your niche audience (i.e., #eventprofs #weddingplanning #smallbiz)

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