My Journey to Positive Thinking


Everyone has heard the saying “you are what you think.” Well I’m a firm believer of that.  I have had many negative experiences in my life (as most of us have) and when this year began (New Year / New Day) I decided to no longer allow negative thoughts or people into my personal space.  It’s been quite easy to do thanks to modern technology. Those who “try” or continue to bring negative energy or drama my way are instantly defriended, unfollowed, blocked or ignored — real simple.


The journey I’m on is one towards success. I also desire continued good health and a stress free LIFE.  Positive thoughts will keep me on that path.  For ME, it is important to stay on a positive path and there are many who “try” to interrupt that but I will never allow anyone to disrupt my creative flow.  Personally, I do NOT have TIME (LIFE is short) to be a part of negativity, gossip or drama and if someone is trying to bring those things into your personal space, then my advice to you is to keep moving forward towards the journey of success through positive thoughts.

Keep in mind in order to begin this journey of positive thinking, you must first eliminate negative thinking from your mind and eliminate people (who are negative, who do not support you, and who bring drama) from your personal space — real simple.

If you haven’t already then TODAY is the day to get rid of negativity, drama and baggage.  Until next time


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