TIP TUESDAY: Questions to Ask When Advertising Online

problems_with_advertisingWhen considering to advertise with an online service, i.e., blog, an online newsletter or online newspaper it is important to ask these simple questions:

1.  May I see a screenshot of your email list?

2.  If you have a contact list 10,000, how many are actually opening or viewing the content?

3.  May I see how a screenshot or a Google Analytics report or whatever source you use of how many are actually reading and engaging in your blog, online newsletter or online newspaper?

4.  Can I see a report of how many clicks one of your advertisers received last month?

5.  Who and What is your audience?

6.  Is your product or service relevant to the person’s audience? (Question to ask SELF)

Anyone can say anything to get your $$$, but before you sign that contract, know where your $$$ are going.  If you are given the run around or some lame reason why you cannot view this information, then reconsider advertising with that company.  Until next time


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