WHY should I Hire an Event Planner? My Mom or BFF can plan my event!

“Lighting, floral design, drapery, signature drinks, hor d’oeuvre selections, etc., the list goes on. Who do you think comes up with all this?” -CP photo source: http://www.wcep.com

The question you should be asking yourself is why not? If YOU are a celebrity, married to or dating a celebrity, socialite or a high profile individual, YOU or a family member should NOT be planning the events.  Whether it’s an intimate dinner party, birthday celebration or wedding, there is absolutely no reason why someone of celebrity or high profile status should be planning their own events or having a cookie cutter event.

Planning events is not just about ordering flowers and cake, going online to a favor website who pretty much puts the materials together for you and showing up the day of the event.  It’s so much more than that.  It takes years of building solid relationships with vendors, research and staying current on the latest “trends.”


photo credit: Rick Aguilar Studios | A GlitzPR & Marketing Production

Lighting, floral design, drapery, photography, invitations, signature drinks, hor d’oeuvre selections, etc., the list goes on.  Who do you think comes up with all this?  Not only that, who do you think knows to come up with these ideas.  Why wouldn’t you want someone who has built relationships with vendors from all over the world, someone who knows the industry very well and someone who can create a fabulous experience not only for you but for your guests as well?

Consider this scenario:  When a couple, who is financially well off, is preparing to have a baby, one of the first things they look into is hiring a nanny.  I have worked with many attorneys who do this, so I’m speaking from experience.  These couples don’t usually discuss having their mother or best friend looking after the baby when it’s born, but interview and end up hiring a nanny.  And not some cookie cutter, unprofessional nanny either.  So ask yourself this, “why wouldn’t I want the same for my special event?”

I understand your mom has planned all your events and that’s GREAT but the reality is event planners eat, sleep and drink this industry.  I’m not talking about your best friend who plans events (and might do a great job), but what makes them different from the professional event planners is that their services are free which makes their services limited, they do not attend networking industry events or seminars and usually they do not form relationships with other vendors in the industry because they have this attitude that they can do everything themselves.

So again think about this: why shortcut or shortchange your event?  Hire a professional.  Let mom, dad, BFF sit down somewhere and allow the professional to do the work to create a memorable experience for you and your guests.  Keep in mind, when you purchase that Chanel purse or Gucci shoes you only expect the BEST and don’t shortchange those items. YOU should ALWAYS want the best of the best in any given situation.  Until next time


One thought on “WHY should I Hire an Event Planner? My Mom or BFF can plan my event!

  1. I just recently started an Event Planning business, Chie’s Events LLC in Northern Virginia, and let me say, us event planners are very dedicated to meeting the needs of our clients. Especially since reputation is everything, I try to do everything in my power to make the sure the customer will be completely satisfied with his/her party. Having a professional event planner alleviates some of the stress that comes with planning a special event and not to mention having someone with more experience can result in a successful event. If you’re looking for an event planner in the DC, VA, and MD area Chie’s Events LLC is for you.

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