Inspiration Thursday: I Believe

Yesterday, I presented a speech in my Effective Speaking class entitled “I Believe…” I struggled in writing this one page paper because I believe in many things.  I wanted to share with you what I wrote and presented to the class:

I Believe in My Dream

When I started my business four years ago, only a few people really supported my dream. I am where I am today because I believe in my business, I believe in myself and most importantly I believe in my Dream, which is to become a success in anything I set out to accomplish.

My desire to become an entrepreneur was not anything I dreamed about for years, it was something that came to me after my daughter was born eight years ago. I was first approached to join the makeup company Mary Kay. I became excited about this because after listening to these women tell their stories was empowering to me. Since I am a single mom and have been raising my children by myself for 12 years, to hear that these women succeeded in this business enlightened me to see that there is more to life than getting up and going to a 9-5 job everyday. So that’s when the dream began.

The Mary Kay business eventually phased out for me. I was then approached by an old high school friend who was very successful in this company called Melaleuca. I loved the concept of this but I noticed that many of the people in this company were married and as couples were very successful. Again, I’m a single mom and just like Mary Kay, I felt like Melaleuca was someone else’s dream that came true and really was not my dream.

After Mary Kay and Melaleuca, the wedding and event planning business was born. I had very little experience in this business and knew no one in the industry. It started off as a whim but became a dream of success and today I have and continue to accomplish that. How you say? By believing in myself, my faith, my dream and the power of networking and social media which I have become very good at. This business has taken me on an amazing journey and although there are ups and downs for being an entrepreneur, I believe in faith. What I have learned is that as long as I continue to believe in me and what I have set out to accomplish, all of my desired dreams will come true because again I believe.

* * *

What do you believe in?  Please share. Until next time


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