Cocktail Party Inspirations

How cool to have your cocktail served this way? {Stacie Francombe, Founder of Inspire Smart Success being served her signature cocktail at ISSE Dominican Republic}

Before the birthday celebration, wedding reception or gala — cocktail hour is essential or you may just want to indulge in a cocktail party.  I wanted to share some of my favorite Cocktail Hour design inspirations.  Enjoy!

Whether you have a DJ or live musician(s), every cocktail party must have music playing in the background.

L-R — DJ Vince Adams (Chicago) and The European String Quartet (Chicago)

I recommend high boy tables (with any color linen of your choice to compliment your theme) and lounge furniture for guests who want to sit down, keep it simple.  Centerpieces such as flowers and candles are also great to add some sexiness and spice to your event.  I recommend small flower arrangements with votive candles and/or floating flowers with candles or floating candles.

photo credits: Top Right: NEOARTphotography in Miami; Far Right & Middle: via Pinterest and Bottom Left & Middle: Exquisite Events; Bottom Right: via Pinterest

photo credits: via Pinterest

It’s nice to have hors d’oeuvres served along with the cocktails.  I recommend a signature cocktail, wine and Champagne (depending upon the celebration).  To cut down on costs for you and add a bigger selection of liquor I recommend a cash bar.

photo credits: Top Left and Right: Veuve Clicquot via Facebook; remaining photos via Pinterest

I hope you enjoyed this cocktail party experience, I know I enjoyed writing it.  Until next time…


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