REAL Invites Please…

Yesterday upon picking up my mail from my business address I noticed this beautiful blue envelope from CECI New York.  I opened it and saw that it was simply an invitation to experience her invitations via phone or in-person.  First thing that came to mind was Class Act!

It takes less than five minutes to visit someone’s website to obtain their email address or mailing address and if the mailing address is not on the website, email the person and ask for it.  Invitations to formal events should still be mailed out but I am open to receiving invitations via email (and a personal note helps) to informal events.

I’m indifferent on Evites, but I know most professionals who create invitations dislike Evites greatly.  In my Twitter conversation with Melissa McDowell of House of Papier (who inspired me to blog about this and came up with the title), she stated that she “cringes” at Evites.

Everyone loves to receive personalized notes, makes you feel special so receiving a personalized invitation is no different.  I appreciate someone taking the time to personally invite me to their event.  Sending a Tweet and/or a Facebook invite is just unacceptable and tacky (in my opinion) and sending no invite at all and relying on social media promotions (which is no guarantee it will even be seen) will result in a no show.

I don’t care how many times an event is promoted via Twitter and Facebook — if I’m not personally invited, more and likely I will not come.  That’s just ME and I’m sure I’m not the only one that feels that way.

Share YOUR thoughts.  Until then…


2 thoughts on “REAL Invites Please…

  1. Candace,

    I couldn’t agree with you more. In a world filled with ubiquitous technology it takes no effort or thought to send an electronic invitation– or worse a Twitter or Facebook invite. Sending a “Real” invitation means someone really put thought into the event. It shows they care about their guests! And it most certainly sets the standard for the event. Thanks for sharing.


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