What Inspires YOU?

This is a question that is often asked to anyone who is an entrepreneur and business professional. Personally for ME I’m inspired by books, art, music and other professionals in the wedding industry.

When I first started my business, exactly four years ago this month, I was on a mission to meet all of the “Who’s Who” in the wedding industry in Chicago. I wrote letters to various vendors and to all the affluent hotels to introduce myself and my business. NOT all responded but ONE important business did — the Four Seasons Hotel.

I was then invited for lunch to meet with the catering manager of the Four Seasons in Chicago. I was treated like royalty as any guest would be treated who is a guest of this luxury hotel.

What stood out the most during my visit at Four Seasons was the service. The staff was very personable and catered to my every need. There was even a sign made that said, “Welcome Candace Polk of Events by Candace.” I was in AWE!

Last year before I attended a life changing business conference, each attendee was asked to read Four Seasons: The Story of a Business Philosophy, by Isadore Sharp (Founder, Chairman and CEO). After reading this book, I was inspired by Mr. Sharp’s humble beginnings, his determination, his consistency and dedication on the foundation he built from the very beginning, which is: quality, service, culture and brand.  I, like Mr. Sharp, believe that every business should be built on the four pillars mentioned above and that’s exactly what I have been building my business on from the beginning to now.

Meet Isadore Sharp
Founder & Chairman of Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts

Video Credit: CitylifeTV

I believe that being inspired by something (or even someone) helps to stay motivated in your business because there are situations that can deter us all the time.  That is why there are conferences, blogs, and the like to help any entrepreneur stay on the path of the business they have built.  Yes many of these conferences are a HUGE investment, but trust me the investment is worth it if you truly believe in your business.

What inspires YOU?  Please share. Until then


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