The Follow Up {Importance of Networking Part II}

The Green Tie Ball — photo taken by Candace Jordan of Candid Candace

Last night one of Chicago’s best-known charity events, The Green Tie Ball was hosted by nonprofit organization Chicago Gateway Green, which is dedicated to greening and beautifying area expressways, gateways and communities.  I did not attend the event but after looking at the pictures via Instagram and Twitter (Hashtag #greentieball), it sure appeared to be a fun-filled event.

Chicago is the host of MANY charity events throughout the year, as well as other cities such as Los Angeles, New York and Miami.  My point is that while it’s fun to attend these wonderful events, put on your best dress, suit (or tux) and of course shoes, it is equally important to mingle with people (because some of the Who’s Who will be there) and to follow up after the initial meeting.

After receiving such a great response on The Importance of Networking, I decided to write about the importance of following up, which is equally just as important.  Six TIPS on how to follow up with potential client(s) and/or other professionals in your industry are:

  1. Since Social Networking has pretty much taken over, there is pretty much no excuse why you do not follow up.  Look that person or company up, start following them on Twitter and Instagram, “Like” their Facebook page, find them on LinkedIn and most importantly once you have done all this, engage in conversation and keep in touch.
  2. Prepare a handwritten note or card. Personally, I immediately send an email to potential clients and/or professional counterparts thanking them, etc. It’s a personal touch and people love that.
  3. If you are short on time, opt for a less personal but equally effective thank you by sending a text message to the prospective client’s cell phone thanking them for their time.
  4. Schedule a follow up meeting.
  5. ALWAYS say thank you.
  6. Ask for referrals. If they are happy with your services they will give you names of others that will benefit from your services. This is networking!!!

As a networking professional, you clearly understand the importance of follow up in a timely and respectful manner. Facilitating business and building your network is key and that is your focus when meeting other business professionals.

The party is officially over and you have gotten some great contacts and possibly leads that can turn into referrals or viable business contacts.  Now the question is what are you going to do with them.  Would love for you to share your experiences.  Until then


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