Destination Wedding Inspirations

Wedding Ceremony at The St. Regis Bahia Beach Resort, Puerto Rico ~ Gorgeous!

I have heard many stories about couples being disappointed after experiencing a destination wedding.  While the destination spot of your choice may be absolutely breathtaking, always take in consideration your guests.  Are there activities for your guests at the resort?  Are there nightlife activities?  What other activities (i.e., water sports, boat rides, tours) besides sunbathing at the beach (and not all guests are interested in doing that) will the resort provide.

These are things you must take into consideration before planning a destination wedding.  Also, consider these things:

1. Why plan a Destination Wedding?

There are many reasons to choose a destination wedding. Many couples look to a destination wedding as a way to have a unique and memorable wedding experience. Often, when looking at a guest list, many people will have to travel from far away states or countries. A destination wedding allows them to travel somewhere exotic and fabulous, where they can also enjoy a relaxing vacation; as opposed to asking guests to book a flight and hotel in a less exciting hometown. Some couples are in love with the destination, and want to spend the most special day of their lives in their idea of paradise. More couples decide upon a destination wedding as they are from different areas of the country, and do not want to decide against one hometown for another, so they opt to go to a location that will, from now on, be somewhere special to each of them. One of the most common reasons to choose a destination wedding is to save money. Destination Weddings often allow couples to save upwards of $20,000 versus a traditional wedding!

2. Is a Destination Wedding right for you and your Guests?

Are there certain people, such as close family or friends, without whom you would not have your wedding? If so, we suggest that you poll these guests to see if attending your Destination Wedding is feasible for them.  I have heard many stories wherein guests are disappointed because there is nothing for them to do, especially on a secluded island.  Personally, I have been on those islands and know firsthand what they mean.  Activities are miles away from the island, no fun nightlife, no outside restaurants, just to name a few.  All these things MUST be taken in consideration before planning a destination wedding.

3. How far in advance should I plan my destination wedding?

This really varies with the destination. One major factor is how many guests are going to be invited. For a traditional wedding a month or two is acceptable notice for “Save the Date” cards. Destination Weddings however involve travel arrangements, and therefore should be sent out at least 4-6 months in advance.  This is to allow the guests to properly budget and plan for the trip, and to make sure that they are able to obtain reservations.

ONE Bal Harbour Resort & Spa located in Miami creates the perfect setting for your wedding and reception.

Private Beach Reception set up for guests. Location: Grand Resorts at Cap Cana in the gorgeous Caribbean land of Punta Cana, Dominican Republic.

Beautiful sunset in Barbados…

Gorgeous backdrop for a wedding ceremony and reception. Destination: Italy

Walk down the aisle in sand, very romantic. Destination: Hawaii

Exotic walk down the aisle.

Destination weddings take considerable time in planning and research, and the best properties & accommodations often book far in advance of the wedding date. The earlier you begin planning your wedding, the greater the likelihood you will be able to book the perfect property for you and your guests.  Start planning your Destination Wedding today, until then…


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