Importance of Networking + Fashion Night Out

CS Modern Luxury’s Spring Fashion Event 2012 (photo credit: Annalise Freytag of Fig Photo)

This week many of Chicago stores are hosting events that will include fashion shows, food, music and cocktails for “Fashion Night Out.” I will be attending several of these fashion events to network with local fashionistas and the “who’s who” of the Chicago Fashion industry.

Since I’ve been an entrepreneur, I understand the importance of networking and with Social Media so popular, there is no way around it. It is very important to network with others in the industry that you work in to become familiar with the who’s who in the industry, share ideas and experiences. The value that event professionals gain by networking is meeting other professionals who may be potential clients and/or recommend you to their client or future clients.

TWO important things to remember:

1. Attend all networking events with a specific purpose in mind.

Personally for me, I don’t think it is necessary to attend every industry related event or party because I’m pretty familiar with who I need to be familiar with in Chicago and not all events are in my niche. However, my interest now is getting to know event professionals in the Miami and New York (bridal) market, which is why I have been traveling there to meet and mingle at their events.

2. Surround yourself with people who can help you.

It makes sense to surround yourself with those who have something you lack and need, and networking events are certainly ideal places to find such people.

If I’m at an event and there are 100 people or just 10 people and I leave only meeting or connecting with one person there, that is okay (with ME). I only surround myself with individuals who I believe I can help and vice versa and I usually am able to pin point that at any event I attend.

* * *

The bottom line is this: In order for your business to grow and to build your brand you must form relationships with others in the industry. Networking is just one way and that is why it is important to network and market yourself and business. Honestly, if YOU don’t put yourself or company out there, no one else will. And let’s not forget the importance of Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram), these are equally as important to market your brand and company.

Will I see at any of the Fashion Night Out events this week?  Until then…



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