The Story Behind “theSTORY”

GlitzPR & Marketing Website Launch

Today GlitzPR & Marketing’s website officially launched.  I am extremely excited about this.  It begins with “theStory.”  Every business, every individual behind the business has a story to tell.  Every story has a beginning.  I decided to tell the GlitzPR & Marketing story through pictures of events I have attended throughout the year.  Whether these events have been me networking or working, I wanted to share those experiences with you.

I genuinely want to help businesses in the wedding, fashion, beauty and health industry.  Your “Brand” tells your story but telling your story is not always an easy task.  I meet individuals who have an amazing story (of work) that they are afraid to let out or share with the world.  I want to help those individuals come out of that shell, that fear.

I eat, drink, and sleep the wedding and event industry (literally). I know the positive versus the negatives (and handle them well) of this business and I keep up with the trends and happenings.  My ultimate goal is to help those that need someone to assist in telling their story.

The Story Begins Here ~ Allow Us to tell your story…


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