Chicago + Fashion = Corri McFadden’s “HOC”

Corri McFadden (above, right) at Ann Taylor’s recent Grand Opening in Chicago. Photo courtesy of Jorge Gera Photography.

Recently, I attended the exclusive first look at the new Ann Taylor concept store hosted by Ann Taylor and CS Magazine.  I also had the pleasure and honor of meeting Corri McFadden, founder and owner of eDrop-Off, a luxury online designer consignment store and who now has a show House of Consignment (Twitter Hashtag #HOC) which can be seen on Wednesdays on VH1. It is so refreshing to see Chicago talent being represented on television.  So many reality shows focus on New York, California, and Atlanta (just to name a few) all the time but rarely do you ever see any of these reality shows showcasing our talent in Chicago.

I watched the premier of House of Consignment last week and really enjoyed Corri McFadden’s work ethic and “hustle” attitude and can’t wait to tune in tonight and every Wednesday night.  Matter of fact, I encourage all to tune in to VH1 10/9c to support our Chicago Girl.


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